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Divine Feminine Gift Set



NOTE: Dry flower mini posy colours and flower type will vary. flower will not match the image but its always beautiful. 

A beautiful and energetically powerful gift set for Divine Femininity. The 'Divine feminine'is a form of energy that all beings possess. It is known by many names such as shakti, yin, and lunar energy, and is often connected symbolically with the moon, Mother Earth and water. Just like the Divine Masculine, it is 'one half' of the Spirit of Life.

Gift pack comes with: 

1x Llanite Crystal: This beauty can help us to focus our mental, physical, psychic and spiritual powers to maximum effect. She also enables us to discover our souls true purpose.

1x Carnelian: An excellent stone for sacral chakra. She also governs creativity—creation in any realm of life.

1x Peach Moonstone: Rediates beautiful feminine energy, creative loving vibration and emotional healing.  

1x Rose quartz: Nurturing and soothing loving vibration. Encouraging self love. 

1x Red Aventurine: Red Aventurine is a remarkable crystal for helping one choose their highest path. 


1x White Sage to dispel negativity 

1x Dry flower mini posy 

Gift set comes with information card. All crystals are natural. May vary in shape, size, colour, clarity, formation and inclusion. 


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