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Deep Calm ~ Blue Lace Agate Candle

$39.99 $54.99

Hand poured enchanted Soy candle for zenfull energy. Choose your fragrance from the options provided. 

☆Blue Lace Agate  ~ 

>Deeply calming 

>Soothing for Anger and Anxiety 

>Peaceful vibration 

☆Crystals are topping only. We recommend not to light the candle with crystals in it. As the crystals can clog up the wick☆

You can decorate your candle with gems provided when it is not lit. You can also use your gems to place near your candle, your living space, carry in your bag, place in pot plant.

》Each candle is appx 250g 

》Wick~ Wood 

》Jar~ Glass 

What you will receive ~ 

1x Candle 

1× Gem packet which includes crystal 




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Deep Calm ~ Blue Lace Agate Candle

This is the most amazing calming candle I've ever purchased in my life!! I used it during the lions gate portal and full moon in Aquarius manifestation rituals I did and it was just divine!!

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