Dante's Luxury - Crystals & Sage

Basics - Crystal bundle


Earthy crystals for beginner <3 

》 Black Onyx: Block negativity, peace of mind, offers strength 

》Citrine: Happiness, abundance, enhances self esteem 

》Rose quartz: Attracts love, lower stress, promotes self love 

》Amethyst: Stress relief,  protects aura, spirituality 

》Tiger's Eye: Grounding, protection, wisdom, releasing fear

》Clear Quartz: Master healer, guidance, clearing mind  

☆Each piece of crystal is natural, unique and intutively picked. Due to the natural formation, there could be inclusion, difference in clarity and shape☆

Crystals will come in a velvet bag. 

All crystals are cleansed & charged with Sage & Reiki Energy before delivery☆



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