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Noble Shungite necklace with waxed cotton - Cream


Noble shungite is known to be an incredibly powerful, ancient healing stone. Approximately 2 billion years old. Noble shungite contains around 98% of organic carbon, making it the most beneficial and rarest form of shungite. When it comes to vibration and strength it is said to have a much stronger effect than black shungite. It is also the best known natural mineral to contain fullerenes, which are specific molecular formations of carbon that act as a powerful, long-lasting antioxidant. A Shungite Stone is a very rare stone that has only been found in the Karelia area in Russia. The energy embodied within the noble shungite absorbs and eliminates any negative energies and anything that is health hazardous to the body. 

- Positive blessings and positive results

- Better and healthier future

- Infuses aura with light

- Allows only positive, beneficial energies to reach

- Excellent protection stone

- Protection from EMFs

- Psychic protection

- Beneficial stone to place by your electronics—like computers, mobile phones, and televisions to block radiation.

- Powerful purifying, cleansing and detoxifying properties.

- Water purification.

- Excellent for releasing tress and anxiety

- Soothing insomnia

- Boosts overall energy. 

Noble Shungite stone carries a strong connection to the Earth which makes it an essential stone for our spiritual journey and spiritual grounding. 


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