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Cleanse and Shield Crystal Pack



NOTE: Sage may be a cigar shape or bulb depending on availability. ☆Please note these are natural crystals, may contain inclusion. Each piece of crystal is unique, different in SHAPE and CLARITY☆ 

Lovingly crafted with guidance and healing. Feel the magic and warmth with this beautiful earthy crystal & smudging gift set.

Set includes:

1xBlack obsidian/tower:
- Absorbs negative energy
- Shields
- Strong psychic protection
- Clarity

1x Clear quartz
- Master healer
- Clarity
- Guidance
- Manifestation

1x Smokey Quartz 
- Protection 
- Grounding 

1x Hematite
- Shield from negativity energy 

1x Mahogany Obsidian 
- Sheild from energy attack 

1x White Sage Smudge Stick
- Dispel negativity
- Calming
- Aromatic
- Earthy
- Handmade
- Improves mood

1x Selenite 


Perfect kit for anyone needing cleansing, positive light and healing guidance. 


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