Dante's Luxury - Crystals & Sage

Bless me & home ~ Gift Set


Beautiful crystals for your home and aura. Give yourself or your loved ones some crystal energy blessings.  

Gift set includes:

1x White Sage ~ Cleansing 

1x Desert Rose ~ Soothing 

1x Clear quartz ~ Guidance 

1x Amethyst ~ Protection, Abundance 

1x Citrine (Treated) ~ Sunshine 

1x Pink Opal ~ Love 

1x Lepidolite ~ New Beginning (raw/mica piece)

1x Rose Quartz ~ Emotional Balance 

1x Fluorite ~ Focus 

1x Moonstone ~ Divine Energy  

☆Each piece of crystal is intutively picked for you. Size, shape, colour, clarity may vary. They are cleansed with Australian grown white sage and charged with Reiki energy☆ 

Gift set comes with information card. 


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