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'7 CHAKRA' Balance Crystal bundle


Translating from Sanskrit to mean ‘wheel’, Chakra crystals invite a cycle of cleansing and rejuvenation, in which the negative energy is ushered out, in favour of more positive vibrations. More than just crystals, Chakra is also an ancient meditation practice used to ground oneself in the present, and our stones provide a physical focus point for such meditation. With Chakra crystals each corresponding to different parts of the body, we include Clear Quartz for the crown, Amethyst, representing vision and awareness as a third eye, Sodalite for the throat, Green Aventurine pertaining to the heart, Citrine, which is connected to the Solar Plexus, Tiger’s Eye for the Sacral, and Red Jasper for the Root.

For maximum effect, it is a popular practise to keep each stone against its region of the body in order to harness its energy to the fullest. This can be done using jewellery, or just by placing the stone near the site during meditation. While this may not always be possible, we provide a velvet bag to allow you to keep these stones on your person at all times. Note: stones are natural, resulting in variation in size and shape, giving each crystal a unique, natural beauty.



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