Carnelian Mini Sphere ~ 1 pc

$8.00 AUD
  • Tiny Carnelian Sphere~ Listing is for 1 pc tiny sphere only 
  • Carnelian Crystal - For Motivation and Enthusiasm
  • This bold, striking red orange stone is like an injection of light into your life. Known as a crystal that brings courage and motivation - Carnelian is the ideal crystal to get you raring to go out and thrive. This bright, translucent crystal is incredibly practical and can be of huge visual value.

    Spiritual Meaning of Carnelian

    For those of us who suffer from nerves, whether it’s speaking in front of a large crowd or ensuring that we act assertively when working with a team, Carnelian can help change our outlook. It’s an incredibly useful stone for those who are more anxious, giving people the courage to go out and achieve.

    If you’ve got a large event coming up, such as a job interview or speech - Carnelian can be the crystal for you. Its energy can be stabilising, anchoring you in the present. This helps us focus on what we can do now to achieve, instead of being distracted by the future.

    It can be a great aide to help us meditate, as it removes any extra thoughts from our brains, helping us focus on the present.

    How to use Carnelian Crystal

    Carnelian stimulates the Solar Plexus Chakra, which is in charge of our perception of our power. For this reason, it can be incredibly powerful to meditate with this stone pressed to your Solar Plexus, allowing your body to soak up all this energy.

    What’s more, many people sleep in its presence to soak up its motivating powers as they rest. This leaves people rejuvenated in the morning, ready to go out and attack the day.

    Overall, this crystal can act as the motivator you need to achieve your goals. There are always times in life when we need that extra push and Carnelian can do that for us. Whether it’s an important speech, meeting or interview - Carnelian is right by your side.

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