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Black tourmaline Pendant ~ 1 pc


Black tourmaline is knows as a powerful protective stone. It is also a grounding crystal. Providing protection from unwanted energy, bad juju, evil eye. For cleansing, use smudge stick or Palo Santo smoke and recharge under full moon. 

☆☆Listing is for 1 pc intutively picked tourmaline pendant only. Please understand pieces are natural. Natural tourmaline has dents and cracks☆☆

☆Natural stone ☆ 

Care institutions: Please keep your pendant away from water. Do not spray perfume directly on it. Treat your healing stone jewelry with care. Don’t pull, slam, bang as they are fragile. Some stones may fade in the sun or change colors with wear. Embrace the transformation as you do the changing seasons of the world. Don’t mistake organic veins and craters for cracks though, these are the pits and valleys made by Mother Earth :) 

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