Dante's Luxury - Crystals & Sage

Basic Crystal Bundle


A bundle of absolutely beautiful magickal crystals handpicked just for you. These are our top picks for daily rituals, dream work and healing. 

Bundle comes with:

1x Raw rose quartz: Love energy, Heart healing, Nurturing. 

1x Clear Quartz: Guidance from the Divine, positive vibe, deep healing. 

1x Amethyst: Protection vibe, Abundance, Third eye chakra balance,  Reduces anxious thoughts.

1x Tiger's eye: A stone of strength, Motivation, Protection,  Manifestation. 

1x Black Onyx: Dispel negative vibe.

1x Citrine (Heated) : Power of sun, Happiness, Creativity,  Motivation. 

Bundle comes with information card. 

☆☆ Please note each piece of crystal is unique and different. Pieces are intutively picked. Size, shape, colour, clarity will vary. May contain inclusion ☆☆


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