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Balance - Mist


Amethyst infused handblended traditional recipe of flowers and herbs to bring you tranquility. Balance mists is perfect companion for everyday life.

Feeling stress and moody? May be a bit of discomfort or anger? Spray this beautiful mists around your living space and feel the magic.

Balance mists has some of the most popular and beautiful aromatic herbs and flowers that are known to calm and soothe stressful nerves.

Shake the bottle well and spray away. Soft soothing aromatic mist.

External use only

Contains neroli, clove, lavender, bergamot, lemon, orange, cinnamon, alcohol, aqua and amethyst chips.

Handmade in Sydney

90ml bottle

*Listing is for 1 bottle only*

Spray the mist around your living space and walk through it. It can also be used as pillow mist for good night sleep.

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