Aura Opalite Moon Necklace ~ Golden


AURA Opalite is a man made crystal. It is known for its wonderfully serene energy. Opalite is also said to bring inner peace and a sense of calm in any situation.

Listing is for 1 pc intuitively picked moon pendant. Each piece is wrapped with golden colour wire. Chain is 18 inch. 


  • Opalite - All the benefits of the clarity stone

    Opalite embodies the beauty of clarity and pure thinking. Its striking white appearance is reflected in its spiritual qualities, promoting new beginnings and a clear head.

    What is Opalite?

    This incredible white crystal is one of the most well-known stones in the world. Famed for its incredible white sheen, this crystal shines both spiritually and aesthetically.

    Opalite is slightly different from other famous crystals, as it is man-made. This means we must use it for the simpler obstacles that we face, as it lacks the crystal properties of naturally formed stones.

    However, it is still incredibly useful, especially in changing your mood.

    What are Opalite’s spiritual properties?

    Despite being made by humans, Opalite has strong spiritual and healing properties. If you’re looking for some more hope or optimism in your life, this can be the ideal stone.

    The crystal carries a gentle and calming aura wherever you go. It encourages you to look at life without the temporary stresses you hold in your mind at any given time.

    How should I use it?

    Opalite should be used to create happiness and glee in your life. If you’re in need of a short term boost, Opalite is the stone for you. Its shine can burst through the lowest of moods, ensuring that you see the bright side of life - the side that’s characterised by the stones' purity.

    We all need to focus on the simple delights more - and this stone allows us to do just that. Whether you’re stuck on a serious issue, or the world is getting you down, Opalite reminds us just how beautiful the world can be.

    Overall, this stone can be an easier introduction into the world of crystals. As a man-made stone, its spiritual significance can be easier to understand. However, this stone should be taken seriously by everyone - as it has incredible benefits for us all.


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