Abundance - Amethyst and volcanic Lava - Unisex

Abundance - Amethyst and volcanic Lava - Unisex

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Amethyst is said to stimulate the Third Eye and Crown Chakras enhancing cognitive perception and accelerated development of intuitive and psychic abilities. It is said to assist in meditation by stilling the mind and allowing one to get into deeper states of consciousness. Its high frequency is said to purify the aura of any negative energies or attachments and create a protective shield of light around the body helping one stay protected while doing spiritual work. Paired with Lava Stone for its grounding qualities to help balance the high energy of Amethyst.

High quality elastic makes it nice and easy to slide in and out of hand. Fits nicely and comfortablely. 

Made with premium crystal stones and volcanic lava stone.

Made in Sydney, Australia

Small: 19cm

Large: 21.5cm