Amethyst point~ ShortAmethyst point~ Short
Amethyst point~ SA 4Amethyst point~ SA 4
Amethyst point~ SA 5Amethyst point~ SA 5
Amethyst point~ SA 3Amethyst point~ SA 3
Amethyst point~ SA 6Amethyst point~ SA 6
Amethyst point~ SA 8Amethyst point~ SA 8
Amethyst point~ SA 7Amethyst point~ SA 7
Amethyst point~ SA 2Amethyst point~ SA 2
Amethyst point~ SA 1Amethyst point~ SA 1
Agate FlameAgate Flame

Agate Flame

Amethyst point~ Intutively pickedAmethyst point~ Intutively picked
Blue Sodalite TowerBlue Sodalite Tower
Sold out

Blue Sodalite Tower

$65.00 $100.00
Gemmy clear quartzGemmy clear quartz
Sold out

Gemmy clear quartz

$120.00 $180.00
Clear Quartz Point 3Clear Quartz Point 3
Sold out

Clear Quartz Point 3

Selenite Point ~ 1pc intutively pickedSelenite Point ~ 1pc intutively picked
Sold out

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What is a Crystal Tower?

Crystal Towers are solid blocks of natural crystals polished in the shape of a tower.

Crystal tower generators concentrate their energy in one specific direction, amplify energies, aid in setting and manifesting intentions. 

Wherever crystal towers are placed, they emit and focus their energies in intense energy flow.


As the name suggests, points keep you sharp and focused. For those days when you’re particularly anxious and your mind is wandering, points give you that extra concentration boost.

Like pyramids, their vertical points can send messages up to the universe, making them great for manifestations.


Dante’s Luxury offers a variety of natural, ethically sourced and authentic crystal towers.

Be sure to revisit our site often as we restock and update our collection with new products regularly!


What are Crystal Towers used for?

For centuries, crystals have been used in homes to ward off negative feelings, encourage prosperity, improve sleep and create harmony. Even the most common crystals on the market work on a vibrational level and have the ability to heal, protect and transmute energy.


Apart from being part of a beautiful home decor, energy healers and reiki practitioners use crystal tower generators for cleansing, healing, and balancing purposes. These crystal tools can help them direct a powerful energy flow to a certain area of the body, to reflexology points or to a chakra.


Does the size of the Crystal Tower Matter?

Crystal size does matter when you're trying to affect a large space with the energy of the crystal. However, if you're working with a crystal personally, then no, the size of the crystal doesn't matter.

Where should you place the Crystal Tower in your house?

Once you've chosen a crystal to work with, a great place to put it in your home is in the center of your home or bedroom. In feng shui, the center of a space is connected to the earth element, as well as your overall well being.


What is the most common crystal for Crystal towers?

Crystal towers come in a variety of options with Quartz being the most popular of all crystal types.

Quartz in general is the most common type of crystal people search for. That's fitting given that it's also the most common crystal on this planet.


Are Crystal Towers Valuable?

Crystal Towers vary in price based on several factors:

-The size of the crystal as larger naturally formed crystals with less blemishes are scarce and thus increasing the value

-The rarity of the crystal

-Similar to a diamond such as their cut, color, clarity, and carat.


Can you give a Crystal Tower as a gift?

Of course, Crystal Towers are highly unique and definitely stand out from the crowd.
If you know the recipient is a crystal love then you definitely can’t go wrong with a crystal tower from Dante’s Luxury. With a range of natural crystals to choose from.
You’ll be sure to find something for everyone in our store.


Where can I buy Crystal Towers in Australia?

Dante’s luxury offers a selection of Crystal Towers, hand picked for their luster, shine and beauty.

With free Australian shipping on $75 or more get your next Crystal Tower delivered straight to your door.