Grief & Loss Bundle

Grief & Loss Bundle

Moonstone Necklace ~ Deep Healing & Growth
'Heart Healing' Candle

'Heart Healing' Candle

Bad juju be gone ~ Ritual candle edition
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Deep Calm ~ French Lavender Crystal Candle
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Frankincense - Mist

Frankincense - Mist

Moonstone Necklace ~ Deep Healing & Growth
Ritual Crystal Candle 'Frankincense'
Ritual Crystal Candle ~ Deep Calm
Ritual Crystal Candle ~ Divine Feminine

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What is an appropriate sympathy gift?

Most of the time, sending a letter or card to the family of the deceased is appropriate and sufficient to express your condolences. You might send a dish or a sympathy flower arrangement if you had a close working relationship. Baskets of fruit, food, or gourmet items are also suitable and appreciated.

Who Should Receive a Sympathy Gift?

Typically, sympathy gifts are sent to the deceased's immediate family members. Sending a personal gift to a friend or their relative who has lost a loved one is perfectly acceptable and a great way to ensure that you give them something special.

What makes a sympathy gift special?

Sympathy gifts are a special and considerate way to express your love and concern for someone who is going through a difficult time in their life. They are an excellent way to express your feelings about the person receiving them and make them feel that you are with them during the difficult times in their life.

When should you buy a sympathy gift?

The best time to buy a sympathy gift is immediately following the funeral; however, it is never too late. Even if it's been weeks or months, you can still send or deliver something to their loved ones to express your deepest sympathies to the family.

Do you wrap sympathy gifts?

Flowers and hampers are examples of gifts that can be ordered online and delivered by the company, saving you the time of wrapping them. If you have bought a personal gift for the bereaved and plan to give it to them in person, wrapping it in a tasteful paper, such as one with white flowers or plain paper, will appear more thoughtful and special to the recipient.

What can you send in sympathy other than flowers?

If they have children, parents will undoubtedly appreciate family-friendly books or board games to make the child busy. And, any gift that is therapeutic or provides work for idle hands is an appropriate option for sympathy gifts. Gardening kits and seeds, crafts, knitting patterns, and adult coloring books are all good choices.

Here are some picks of sympathy gifts other than flowers:

  • Scented Rosemary Bush
  • Tea Hamper
  • Personalised Candle
  • Donation
  • Food
  • Photo Frame
  • Books and inspirations
  • Personalised sympathy cards

What type of message should you include for sympathy gifts?

It is never easy to find the right words to include in a sympathy card. In reality, there is no perfect way to express your sorrow for their loss, and nothing you can say or do will help them heal. What matters most is your thoughtfulness, kindness, and empathy, which you can demonstrate by offering your support and sending a heartfelt sympathy card.

Here is a list of messages you can include for your sympathy gifts:

  • “I am so sorry for your loss.”
  • “My deepest sympathy for your loss.”
  • “Our deepest condolences for your loss.”
  • “My thoughts are with you and your whole family..”
  • “Please know that I am always with you, I’m only one call away.”
  • “Sharing in your sadness as you and your family remember your loved one.”
  • “I wish you strength and comfort during this time.”