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Love Energy ~ Crystal bundle


Invite loving energy with this beautiful earthy crystal bundle. 

Each bundle comes with ~ 

Green Calcite :

Brings in sense of purpose and vitality. Helps to make positive change in life. It encourages forgiveness. Stimulating compassion. Heart Chakra

Rose Quartz: 
- Pure loving vibration
- Healing
- Heart chakra balance
- Brings consciousness to a higher level
- Provides wisdom to deepen connection between partners.
- Forgiveness and understanding own self.


Rhodonite helps us to release the obsession with having others as we wish them to be, allowing us to love and accept them as they truly are. It also instils us with a sense of strength  and independence so that we are never hindered or held back by others and their opinions. Rhodonite combines loving pink energy with grounding black energy making it an ideal crystal for reminding us to hold realistic expectations of our romantic partner.  

☆☆ Each piece of crystal is unique and natural. Size shape, colour,  clarity will vary☆☆

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