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Grief & Love Crystal Pack



The Grief & Love Bundle from the house of Dante's Luxury facilitates emotional and spiritual healing. Dealing with a loss can leave behind a deep wound, which is often difficult to cope with. This bundle contains ethereal crystals that will help you in your journey, and allow you to surpass the fog of grief, and find a ray of hope at the end of the tunnel. 

The bundle consists of Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Green Aventurine, Orange Calcite Orange, Amethyst, Citrus oil roller and Grape fruit essential oil infused bath drops.

The crystals heal your heart, provide guidance in life, and allow you to transcend above the feeling of pain and loss. Keep these crystals by your side, and embrace the power of love.

Rose Quartz Tower

The natural Rose Quartz Crystal Tower creates an aura of love and positivity around you. It allows you to divert all the love towards yourself and the relationships that are close to your heart. It makes way for emotional healing and attracts love and peace into your life. 

This ethereal crystal symbolizes universal love and leads to the healing of the Heart Chakra. If you are looking for harmony, peace, and love in a relationship or friendship, this crystal would be your ideal companion. It assists recovery from grief, loss, and betrayal, and restores faith in your heart once again. 

Raw Clear Quartz

The Raw Clear Quartz  is known to be the master healer. It makes way for spiritual cleansing and allows you to be surrounded with positive energy. It aligns the chakras of your body and facilitates a deeper connection between the body and the soul. 

Ethically sourced from Brazil, this crystal amplifies energy and allows you to be more focused. It brings about a perfect balance of all elements in the body and is said to improve the immune system. 

Keep this piece of natural crystal by your side, and bask in its healing aura.

Raw Green Aventurine

It's time to manifest abundance with the Raw Green Aventurine. It empowers you with strength and courage and also inspires you to break away from your comfort zone. It brings about new opportunities and wealth in your life, and aids in your overall personal, spiritual and emotional growth. 

With this crystal by your side, you will radiate positivity, and attract all that you have ever desired. The green Aventurine is also instrumental in heart healing and creating a calm aura around you. You will be more at peace, and feel relaxed, while also carrying a zeal within to take up new opportunities with a brave heart. 

Raw Orange Calcite

The Raw Orange Calcite is an excellent agent for aligning the body and the mind with the spiritual sphere. It allows you to be more creative and helps you cope with emotional issues in a calm and peaceful manner. It relieves stress and anxiety and ensures that you tune into the higher vibrational frequencies. 

The cleansing powers of the crystal works wonders on the lower chakras pertaining to the sense of belongingness. It clears out negative energies from the surroundings and creates an aura of positivity around you. 

embrace its spiritual powers. 

Amethyst Cluster

The ethereal Amethyst Cluster is a beautiful crystal that embodies a wealth of spiritual properties. It contains healing powers and allows you to be more calm and soulful. It activates the third eye chakra, which happens to be the center of higher wisdom. 

Ethically sourced from Brazil, this beautiful piece of crystal aids in better sleep. With the Amethyst Cluster by your side, you can gravitate your energy towards meditation, and unlock its spiritual powers. The crystal is also said to facilitate overall health and wellness, as it caters to your mental, physical and spiritual well-being. 

Grapefruit essential oil infused bath drop

The Grapefruit Essential Oil Infused Bath Drops is all you need for a calm and peaceful bathing session. The aroma therapeutic property of the bath drops helps in calming anxiety, relieves fatigue, improves mood, and enriches your skin with natural goodness. 

Add a drop into your bathtub, and allow yourself to relax after a tiring day. The bath drop creates a soothing sensation and makes your experience all the more luxurious. With this product by your side, you will look forward to soaking up the organic nourishment of grapefruit essential oils every time you're taking a bath.

Citrus infused oil roller 

Sweet almond oil and citrus essential oil infused oil roller. 

☆Please note crystal pieces are natural. They may vary in shape, size, colour and clarity☆

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