Selenite Tower (Tiny)Selenite Tower (Tiny)
Selenite TowerSelenite Tower
Selenite Tower (Medium)Selenite Tower (Medium)
Selenite ~ Dispel Negative Energy WandSelenite ~ Dispel Negative Energy Wand
Selenite Palm StoneSelenite Palm Stone
Selenite Beam MediumSelenite Beam Medium
Selenite dagger - Cut that negative cordSelenite dagger - Cut that negative cord
Selenite Heart ~ 1 pcSelenite Heart ~ 1 pc
Mini Selenite moon BeamMini Selenite moon Beam
Peach Selenite Beam ~ Mini 1 pcPeach Selenite Beam ~ Mini 1 pc
Selenite Moon Beam (Long)Selenite Moon Beam (Long)
Natural 'UTAH' Selenite Door Charm ~ 1pcNatural 'UTAH' Selenite Door Charm ~ 1pc
Natural 'UTAH' Selenite Door Charm ~ 1pcNatural 'UTAH' Selenite Door Charm ~ 1pc
Selenite 'Forest Fae' Square Charging plate~ 1pcSelenite 'Forest Fae' Square Charging plate~ 1pc
Selenite Point ~ 1pc intutively pickedSelenite Point ~ 1pc intutively picked
Selenite 'Moon Goddess' Charging plate~ 1pcSelenite 'Moon Goddess' Charging plate~ 1pc
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Selenite Tumbled StoneSelenite Tumbled Stone
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What is selenite and where is it found?

A form of crystallized gypsum, selenite is a multifaceted crystal that’s found across the globe. It’s particularly abundant in Morocco, Mexico, Australia, the United States, Madagascar, and Brazil. Spectacular deposits have been found in mines in Chihuahua, Mexico and in Utah in the United States. There, the phenomenal specimens can reach the size of redwood trees.