Selenite TowerClearance~ Selenite Castle for front of house and garden
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Peach Selenite Palm Stone ~ Mini (Approx 2cm)Peach Selenite Palm Stone ~ Mini (Approx 2cm)
Peach Selenite Beam ~ Mini 1 pcPeach Selenite Beam ~ Mini 1 pc
Selenite Beam MediumSelenite Beam Medium
Selenite PyramidSelenite Pyramid

Selenite Pyramid

Peach Selenite PyramidPeach Selenite Pyramid

Peach Selenite Pyramid

Selenite Palm Stone ~ Small size (Approx 3cm)Selenite Palm Stone ~ Small size (Approx 3cm)
Selenite Palm Stone~ MediumSelenite Palm Stone~ Medium
Selenite sphere small ~ 1pcSelenite sphere small ~ 1pc

Selenite sphere small ~ 1pc

Selenite Candle Holder - Spiral polished roundSelenite Candle Holder - Spiral polished round
Selenite Ying Yang Candle HolderSelenite Ying Yang Candle Holder
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Selenite Ying Yang Candle Holder

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Selenite 'Forest Fae' Square Charging plate~ 1pcSelenite 'Forest Fae' Square Charging plate~ 1pc
5 pc ~ Selenite Beam (Medium)5 pc ~ Selenite Beam (Medium)
Selenite EggSelenite Egg
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Selenite Egg

$10.00 $18.00
Selenite Moon Beam (Long)Selenite Moon Beam (Long)
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