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Cluster and Points

Renowned for their ability to harness the energy emitted from the earth and the universe, crystal clusters are instrumental in ridding oneself of a negative aura. Being a direct connection to Mother Earth, having come from its depths, there is no better way to ground yourself in her vibrations. From Amethyst, which guards against ill-intended thoughts and aura, to Flourite, with its stabilising powers, clusters provide a direct line to nature and its healing  and empowering. Available as large, to be placed around the home to transform your living space, or smaller sizes, for desks and workspaces, crystals make the perfect focal point for your home or office.

Crystal clusters are extremely powerful when it comes to mind, body and spiritual health. Formed in a unique cluster shape, the crystals work together to radiate immense amounts of energy.

As there will be many different points in any one crystal cluster, each point radiates varying amounts of energy, filling the space (whether it be an office or bedroom) with light and positive energy. 

By energising a room with a positive ambience, a crystal cluster can effectively remove any negative energy. This means that a crystal cluster can be an effective spiritual tool for those looking to cleanse the overall energy in a room. 

Using crystal clusters in day to day life

While each crystal cluster will invariably look different in terms of aesthetic, each cluster brings with it the same power and healing properties. The way a cluster works as a group also means that they can instil great group energy into space. 

This energy helps numerous people work together, while also fostering feelings of cooperation and harmony. Resulting in a shared space that feels less tense and therefore more open to effective communication and collaboration.

A crystal cluster is above all else, versatile. This type of crystal can help purify negative energy by radiating positive vibes. Yet it can also radiate the energy of your own personal intentions. Infusing a space with the feelings you yourself want to convey.

Crystal clusters can also be incorporated into exercises like meditation. For example, a person may meditate with the cluster in their hand, on the floor at their feet or, on the floor at their head. This works to invite a calming and positive atmosphere which helps you to focus.

The formation of a crystal cluster leads many to believe that this type of crystal possesses more powerful energies due to their united power. That’s why many people experience a difference when using crystal clusters for physical, emotional and spiritual benefits. 

Crystal Clusters at Dante’s Luxury  

At Dante’s Luxury, we have different crystal clusters for sale. When it comes to picking the right crystal cluster, particular clusters will make you feel drawn to them. Don’t be afraid to follow the pull. This way, you’ll find the crystal that will make a real difference to your life.

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