Unakite Crystal Meaning & Properties

Unakite is a popular natural semi-precious crystal widely revered in the world of spirituality. Also called Unakite Jasper, it is a formation of granite, consisting of pink orthoclase feldspar, green epidote, and clear quartz. The crystals are named after the Unakas Mountain in the US, where they were first discovered. 

Unakite Crystal Meaning & Healing Properties 

These unique crystals contain highly sensitive yet powerful energy that heals your soul, lifts your spirit, and promotes self-love and self-awareness. It helps you embrace the mantra of kindness and harmony in all spheres of life, while also inspiring you to grow into a better version of yourself. 

Significance of the Color of Unakite 

The gorgeous colour blend of these crystals adds to their visual appeal. Combining the two contrasting colours pink and green, Unakite crystal carries a deep symbolic meaning. The beautiful pink hue stands for love, compassion, and purity, whereas green represents nature, growth, abundance, and prosperity. This crystal helps you find the ideal balance in life, by creating a state of equilibrium in the emotional and spiritual realm. 

Healing Properties of Unakite 


Emotional Healing 


Unakite crystal comes with an abundance of healing properties. It carries with it a unique power to put your soul at ease, relieving all signs of stress and anxiety. It not only creates a calm and soothing sensation in your heart but at the same time, also allows you to embrace the power of love. 

It helps you stay aligned with your higher spiritual self, promoting emotional healing. It prompts you to become more emotionally stable, without allowing feelings like fear or anxiety to overpower you. 


Physical Healing 


Unakite crystal promotes speedy recovery from diseases and illnesses and creates a perfect balance between different elements of the body. The crystal allows you to gravitate energy towards your body and ensures growth, healing, and nourishment. 

If you have been trying to lose or gain weight, this crystal helps you set your intentions. It soothes the heart and the lungs, creating a strong, positive vibrational frequency all around you. 

  • Promotes Peaceful Sleep 

Sleeping with Unakite crystal underneath the pillow can improve the quality of sleep, and prevent any disruptions from ruining your peaceful slumber. If you often struggle to fall asleep, this natural crystal would be the right companion for you. 

It promotes clarity of thought and action and clears away the clutter of unnecessary thoughts from your mind. This crystal establishes harmony with the past and allows you to focus on the present.

Visionary Powers 


Unakite crystal can bestow upon you the power of clairvoyance. It opens up the Third Eye Chakra, granting you the powers of a visionary. You can visualize the life of your dreams, and align your thoughts and actions to bring those desires to life. 


Clearing Out Negativity 


For times when you feel engulfed by negativity and toxic energies, Unakite crystal comes to your rescue. It clears out the air of negative energy and creates more space for the positive energies. 


Breaking Unhealthy Habits 


Unakite crystal is beneficial for people who are unable to break away from unhealthy habits. The healing properties of this natural crystal allow you to let go of addictions and bad habits and encourage you to start afresh. 


Love & Compassion 


This crystal promotes love and compassion, as it is connected to the Heart Chakra. It allows you to be gentle, loving and caring towards others as well as yourself, radiating an aura of joy, peace, and positivity. 

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