Tree Agate: A Stone of Inner Peace

Tree Agate combines mesmerising, earthy colors with feelings of inner peace and serenity. Through its unique spiritual qualities, this crystal has become one of the most popular and well-known varieties of Agate around.  

While Tree Agate is technically not an Agate stone, it is still considered a member of the Agate family. Therefore, gains all of the spiritual and healing benefits we associate with Agate: balancing your spiritual and turning negative into positive energy.

Tree Agate Spiritual Meaning

Tree Agate is primarily a soothing gemstone. As it helps align yourself with the energy in your space, creating a calmer atmosphere. With this stone, you’ll feel more at peace with yourself, which helps ease anxiety and inner anger. This, in turn, has a positive effect on relationships, giving you the right environment in which to thrive.

Once Tree Agate has helped you achieve a state of inner calm, this crystal aids us in finding a sense of stamina - allowing us to truly believe that we can achieve. When you’re around this stone, you’ll feel a sense of relaxation, with a heightened focus on what’s important.

How to use Tree Agate

To reap Tree Agate’s benefits, many people combine this stone with Clear Quartz. This combination creates a great environment for deeper meditation, allowing us to understand further inside ourselves.

What’s more, many enjoy Tree Agate’s healing benefits by holding the stone close to their heart. This can alleviate emotional imbalance, moving the experience totally inside the body.

If you’re looking for a super-easy way to bring Tree Agate with you, this stone looks incredible as a pendant or other type of jewellery.

Overall, this stone carries the benefits of Agate with a deep connection to nature. By aligning your energies and creating a sense of stamina, this crystal gives you the boost you need to thrive.