Tiger’s Eye Crystal Meaning & Properties

Tiger’s eye is one of the go-to crystals for strength and self-belief. Its red-brown colour combined with bronze stripes makes this one of the most unique looking stones around. Whether it’s a mediation focus, ritual stone or simply a spiritual decoration, Tiger’s Eye has everything you need and more.

Spiritual Meaning of Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye is commonly used to aid in self-confidence. For those moments when it all feels too much, this crystal can give you the self-belief you need, helping you overcome life’s challenges.

This stone calls upon the protective energy that’s present in the universe - allowing you to build confidence in a protected environment. 

As hinted in the name, Tiger’s Eye gives the holder the courage of the Queen of the Jungle: the Tiger.

This also brings healing properties. For centuries, humans have associated the physical body with the mental body. As Tiger’s Eye brings you away from feelings of low confidence, you’ll feel the physical body revitalised - fortifying your blood and immune system.

How To Use Tiger’s Eye?

Given its properties, this stone can be used to bring strength to teams who need to overcome unique challenges together. This means Tiger’s Eye is a brilliant stone to be placed in the office - bringing your team together with confidence.

On a more personal note - wearing this stone as jewellery can keep the feelings of inner strength close to you throughout the day, amplifying those around you wherever you go. From pendants to bracelets, this is a great way to take advantage of Tigers Eye’s stunning visual properties.

Overall, Tiger’s Eye is a crystal for ridding yourself of doubt. We often feel like there are obstacles in front of us that aren’t actually there - they only exist in our heads. By meditating with Tiger’s Eye or having it around the home, we can learn to recognise the real obstacles in our way and have the confidence to overcome them. This is a powerful stone.