Strawberry Quartz Crystal Meaning & Properties

Strawberry Quartz is a unique crystal loaded with spiritual properties that promote happiness and wellbeing. Iron Oxide lends a beautiful pink and reddish hue to Strawberry Quartz crystal, making it look ethereal and charming. Owing to its aesthetic appeal and healing properties, this crystal is widely used for making accessories, such as charms and bracelets. Known as the symbol of love and happiness, this crystal ushers in a ray of light into your life, and paves the way for emotional and spiritual healing.

The Benefits of Strawberry Quartz Crystal 


Love & Happiness 


The beautiful strawberry pink hue of the crystal carries with it a message of love, peace, and joy. This crystal can lift your spirits just by its sheer presence. It helps you become more compassionate to the people around you. 

Besides making you more kind and loving, the crystal also plays a vital role in opening up the Heart Chakra. It relieves you of stress, anxiety, and worries, and creates a calm sensation for you to rejoice. 


Faith & Patience 


This gorgeous crystal restores your faith in the divine powers, and teaches you to be patient, calm, and accepting. With the soulful and magical charm of this crystal, you can align yourself with your true purpose in life. 

Without allowing disbelief and doubts to clutter your mind, this crystal makes you focus on the things that matter and pushes you to unleash the greatness that you're capable of achieving.


Increased Optimism 


The positive aura of the Strawberry Quartz crystal promotes optimism, while also prompting you to think rationally and logically. If negative energies are lowering down your vibrations, this beautiful crystal would be the ideal way to be in tune with the higher frequencies. 

With this powerful crystal by your side, you can overcome all the obstructions created by negativity, and move ahead with a positive outlook, and a heart full of gratitude. 


Aids in Meditation


Strawberry Quartz Crystal abounds in Crown Chakra energy, hence it is often used during meditation. The power of this crystal helps you focus on mindfulness, and be aligned with the greater forces of the universe. It also aids in connecting with the celestial beings who are there to guide you every step of the way. 

When you are meditating with a group of friends, this crystal promotes love, friendship, and harmony among the members, creating a joyful ambiance all around. 


Emotional Healing


This crystal is an excellent agent for emotional and spiritual healing. If you're still carrying a heavy feeling in your heart about some past events, the Strawberry Quartz crystal helps you move forward in life, and aids in healing your soul. 

It cleanses your aura, fills your heart and soul with love and generosity so that you can embrace the power of self-love. 

Wear Dante's Luxury Strawberry Quartz crystal accessories as a lucky charm, or place it at your favorite corner of the room to encourage the flow of positive energies.