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Smoky Quartz: History & Spiritual Benefits 

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What is Smoky Quartz? 

Smoky quartz is a gemstone that can have a variety of different colors ranging from shades of brown to black. The name "smoky quartz" comes from the presence of minute particles of hematite that can create a hazy coloration. 

Discovery & History of Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz (or Morion) was first mentioned in a collection of writings by Pliny the Elder in the 1st century AD. Medieval lapidaries used the name "smoky topaz" for this gemstone. The name "smoky quartz" was first used much later, with the birth of modern gemology. 

The use of hematite and smoky quartz stones in jewelry dates back to the time of Ancient Egypt. Because of their durability, these stones were often ground into small beads or polished into cabochon cuts. They became very popular as gemstones in Europe during the height of the Renaissance. Many major European royal families utilized this stone as a faceted cut stone in jeweled pieces.

Smoky Quartz & Its Colors 

Smoky quartz is the most common type of natural quartz. It is usually created when clear quartz crystals absorb trace levels of metals such as titanium, iron, chromium, or manganese from their environment while forming beneath the earth. The resulting stones have been found in various places around the globe ranging from Norway, Germany, Sweden, and Madagascar to Brazil and many other areas.

The most obvious feature of the stone is the presence of small grains of hematite. These are typically seen in a haze, but occasionally can be noticed as a smooth surface. Smooth surfaces have a blue hue to them. The hematite is also responsible for creating some of the colorations to the stone, including blues, greens, and purples. These hues are permanent and do not fade over time or with exposure to light. The color can range from very pale brown to almost black in appearance with shades in between.

Benefits of smoky Quartz

  • Dispels negative energies- smoky quartz is believed to have powers to heal and cleanse you of any negative energies. 
  • Releases tension- smoky quartz helps to release deep mental and emotional blocks that have been holding someone back from achieving their goals in life or succeeding in some way.
  • Psychic protection- smoky quartz helps psychically protect its owner. It has the ability to clear blocked or negative energy from a person's aura. It can ward off evil, bad luck, and negativity. 
  • Balancing energy centers- smoky quartz is highly beneficial for helping to balance the chakras. Glow in the dark smoky quartz enhances energy in the root and sacral chakras, giving the owner an intense feeling of power and strength. 
  • Self-confidence- smoky quartz is known to boost a person's self-esteem and self-confidence. When smoky quartz is worn, it gives the wearer a special feeling of security that they are protected and happy. 

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