Selenite Crystal Meaning & Properties

With its powerful healing properties and high vibrations, selenite is one of the most essential crystals for an energy worker. 

What is selenite and where is it found?

A form of crystallized gypsum, selenite is a multifaceted crystal that’s found across the globe. It’s particularly abundant in Morocco, Mexico, Australia, the United States, Madagascar, and Brazil. Spectacular deposits have been found in mines in Chihuahua, Mexico and in Utah in the United States. There, the phenomenal specimens can reach the size of redwood trees.

The history of selenite

Selenite was discovered in 1747 and its name was derived from the Greek word for ‘moon’ due to the colours of the original stones found. The crystal is also associated with the Greek Goddess of the Moon — Selene. In ancient times, Greeks used selenite in windows to encourage more light to flow into darker rooms. Priests believed that selenite would ward off evil spirits from sickrooms so would mix crushed selenite into a paste and paint it onto doors if the occupants were ill.

Selenite shapes

Selenite is found in various forms, such as prismatic, tabular, granular, and acicular shards. The uses and properties of different shapes are said to differ. For example, a wand shape can cleanse your aura, forcing stagnant energy to circulate so as to enhance the flow of energy in your body. An hourglass shape releases negativity and enhances awareness. A tower shape amplifies your energy, getting rid of negative energy and forming a protective barrier. 

Selenite colours 

There are also differing colours of selenite, with the most common being white selenite. This is used for cleansing and opening up your communication channels with the spiritual realm. Peach selenite strengthens emotional affirmations and connects to your sacral chakra. Golden selenite links to external energies and raises your levels of awareness. Rose selenite connects to your third eye chakra and alters your emotional and mental state while enhancing your intuition.

Alternative names for selenite

You may recognize selenite from some of its other names. These include Liquid Light, Satin Spar, Divine Light, Gypsum Flower, Desert Rose, Disodium Selenite, and a yellow formation that’s known as Golden Phantom or Butterfly Selenite.

The healing benefits of selenite

Selenite is said to contain powerful healing properties. The high vibrations of this stone cleanse your body and mind of negative energies that have accumulated and help to clear blocked energy. The crystal gives you clarity, helps you to focus, and aids your memory. It increases your intuition as well as your manifestation powers. 

A selenite crystal is perfect for cleansing the space around you, whether that’s at home or in your office. The high frequency vibrations also improve your well-being by enveloping you in a feeling of calmness, so use this crystal when you need to reinstate peace in your mind, body, and surroundings.

Using selenite

You can benefit from your selenite crystal by using it in different ways. You can place it around your home or workspace to renew the energy in that area or wear it in a form of jewellery. You can hold your crystal while meditating or place it on the chakras during a reiki session. This self-cleansing crystal has powerful cleansing properties that you can also utilize to cleanse your other crystals.

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