Selenite Crystal also known as liquid light

The Spiritual Significance of Selenite Crystal or Liquid Light 

The name Selenite alludes to the Greek Lunar Goddess Selene. The ethereal reflection of the crystal truly resembles the moon. When a ray of light falls on the crystal, it creates a spiritual sensation, as if the Selenite is welcoming light from the divine sources down to the world of mortal beings.

Besides its aesthetic charm, Selenite or Liquid Light carries an abundance of spiritual properties that open up the chakras and help you transcend beyond the physical realm. Here are a few ways Selenite can help in your spiritual journey: 

  • Gravitate Positive Energy 
  • Selenite is known for its cleansing properties that help in purifying spaces. Be it your room or office, the Liquid Light is all you need to cleanse the aura of any space. It eliminates all kinds of negative energies and creates room for positive vibrations to flow in. 

  • Connect with the Guardian Angels 
  • As you raise your vibrational frequency with Selenite, you get closer to the ethereal beings. Selenite helps you connect with your protectors– the Guardian Angels. 

  • Promote Healing 
  • The soothing aura of Selenite creates a positive environment, promoting emotional and spiritual healing. When you are feeling down with stress and anxiety, this crystal can help you overcome the darkness. It makes you feel soulful and at ease. 

  • Meditation
  • Selenite Crystal creates an elevated aura all around, which helps you to meditate well. This powerful natural crystal is responsible for peace and serenity, providing you with ample clarity of thoughts in times of confusion. It allows you to connect with the higher realm, away from worldly agonies, where you can experience a divine sensation. 

  • Balance & Harmony 
  • When you keep Selenite with you, a beautiful sensation of harmony and balance will prevail in your life. It protects your energy from the influence of the outer world and enables you to enjoy the divine sensation of tranquility. 

  • Cleansing Other Crystals 
  • Since Selenite contains strong cleansing abilities, it is used for recharging and cleansing other crystals. This is a significant step for maintaining the purity of crystals by cleansing off the negative energies from them. Selenite has the power to self-recharge, which makes it all the more intriguing. 

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