Rose Quartz

Rose quartz meaning

Known as the universal stone of love, rose quartz is pink in colour and is famed for its properties of purification and encouraging people to open their hearts to love on all levels. For those seeking friendship, healing, and harmony in their relationships, rose quartz is the crystal you have been searching for. The rose quartz meaning ultimately depends on the person to whom it is gifted and how their chakras interprets and channels it’s energies. Dante’s Luxury offers a beautiful collection of rose quartz crystals that will work with your chakras to promote inner-peace, healing, and self-love in your life. 

How to use rose quartz

With the meaning of rose quartz being centrally focused on love and the heart, it is good to keep a rose quartz stone over your heart when you meditate to allow it to connect with your heart chakra. Wearing rose quartz as a necklace is one of the most common ways to use this type of crystal as the positioning is perfect. For those who prefer raw stones or carved crystals, positioning rose quartz in your bedroom facing in a south-west direction will invite romantic energy and love into your life. The ultimate answer to the question, ‘how to use rose quartz’ ultimately depends on the type of energy the person wants to channel into their life.

What does rose quartz do?

Rose quartz is one of the main crystals used in healing in many cultures around the world. In response to the question ‘what does rose quartz do’ there are a number of both physical and emotional benefits that can be enjoyed by those who truly believe in the magical qualities of this very special stone. When worn as a piece of jewellery close to the heart, rose quartz helps to open the heart chakras to release tensions and stress that is being held within. With the focus of this crystal being on the heart, rose quartz can also help you to release physical restrictions in the heart by restoring circulation and increasing the amount of blood being carried into your tissues. In ancient times masks were made from rose quartz as it was thought to clear the complexion and help to reduce wrinkles in the wearer. 

How to spot a fake rose quartz?

The most common way to imitate crystals is to use tinted glass to replicate the stone. If you are looking to authenticate your crystal, the most common ways to do so are to look at the tip and the base for any flecks of paint, and to look inside of the crystal for any bubbles, which are created as a side effect during the tinted glass production. There are some high-quality fake rose quartz pieces on the market, so it is always best to remember that if it looks too perfect, then it will most likely be a fake. Crystals are naturally sourced materials which come with the perfectly natural imperfections we see all around us in nature every day. Not many people know how to spot a fake rose quartz so it’s best to play it safe and procure your very special and personal rose quartz from a trusted and reputable specialist.  

Is rose quartz safe in water?

If you are wondering ‘is rose quartz safe in water the answer is most quartz crystals are safe to infuse with water and rose quartz is one of them. You can charge your rose quartz safely in a bowl of water infused with sea salt which is placed in direct sunlight. During this process, the sun energises the crystal, cleaning the stone and restoring it to a perfectly charged state. You can also create a beautiful elixir with your rose quartz by soaking it in your drinking water, which will help to provide you with its healing properties continually throughout the day.