Pink Tourmaline Crystal Meaning & Properties

Pink Tourmaline is the most romantic gemstone out there on the market. For centuries it has been used to invoke feelings of love and compassion in its wearer. The ethereal pink tourmaline will find a way to work with your existing energy field to balance your emotional state and release stress or anxiety from within.

What Is Pink Tourmaline Used For?


The pink tourmaline protects you against harm by strengthening your natural immune system. Be it physical harm or negative energy of any kind, pink tourmaline will do its utmost to protect you, the bearer, from negativity of all kinds. The pink tourmaline can be used to enhance yogic meditation and visualizations, allowing you to achieve profound states of altered consciousness. This stone can also reduce the effects of high blood pressure, keeping your heart healthy.

Clears you mind 

The pink tourmaline will improve your memory by clearing out the cobwebs in your mind. It will help you to remember things with clarity and ease and will work towards protecting your mind from harmful influences. 

Coping with change 

Pink Tourmaline helps you cope with change in a positive manner. It also prompts you to adapt to all situations life throws your way. Whereas some stones will absorb bad energies, the pink tourmaline is known to absorb good energy and transmute it into an even higher vibration to amplify its effects upon the wearer. 

Boost energy 

Pink tourmaline can help to improve your eyesight and will boost your energy levels. It is a powerful grounding stone that is excellent for those who suffer from vertigo, anxiety, depression, or stress. This stone can be used to both cleanse and recharge any chakra. It brings the vibration of love into any space and aligns your heart, mind, body, and soul. 

Attract prosperity 

It can be used to attract prosperity and abundance into your life, so you can be aligned with your dream life. 


Pink Tourmaline is one of the most powerful healing meditation stones. It attracts love, friendship, peace, harmony, and sensuality. 

Make peace with the past 

Pink Tourmaline is an excellent choice of stone that helps clear your mind of past hurts and helps one to move on and find closure. It will also assist you in raising your vibration to a higher level, allowing you to be in tune with the greater sense of consciousness. It allows you to release feelings of anger, frustration, and resentment. It can assist you in coming to terms with issues from past lives, and release any negative energy you might be holding onto.

Opens up the heart chakra 

Pink tourmaline is a wonderful tool for opening the heart chakra and attracting love into one's life. It allows you to love yourself unconditionally and will also help you to love and accept the people around you. It brings more balance and harmony into your life by removing negative energies, helping you to let go of the emotional issues that are no longer serving you. It stimulates love and peace within, bringing clarity to one's mind, bringing mental stability during times of emotional turmoil.

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