Peach Selenite Crystal Meaning & Properties

Peach Selenite is a stone of transformation. Use the moon-like luminescence of Peach Selenite to illuminate your path & shine light on your highest potential.

What is peach Selenite used for?

Peach Selenite has been known to be an extraordinary healer and a transformation stone. It can help us heal old emotional wounds; and is believed to transform negative energy to love, forgiveness, and acceptance. Peach Selenite can be used to increase self-awareness, self-esteem, and willpower.

Where does the orange in Peach Selenite come from?

The color is from traces of Hematite within, with the darker orange pieces containing larger amounts of this iron-bearing stone. 

Can you get Selenite wet?

Selenite is a rarity amongst the crystal, gem, stone, and mineral collecting world because no, it cannot get wet.

How hard is Peach Selenite?

At only 2 on Mohs' scale of hardness, selenite is a very soft material that can be scratched by a fingernail. It is not suitable for faceting but can be carved as cabochons or beads. As a result, the surface of a selenite crystal looks often scratched and bruised with white-ish percussion marks.

Where is Peach Selenite found?

The mineral selenite can be found all over the world, but is most often found in Mexico, Poland, Russia, Greece, Japan, Australia, Argentina, Brazil and the United States.

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