Orange Calcite Crystal Meaning & Properties

Orange Calcite is a popular and powerful stone, often associated with the element of fire. Its distinctive orange hues and incredible energy make this a solid choice for those looking to bolster their meditation practice.

What is Orange Calclite’s meaning?

Orange Calcite is found largely in the Americas, with large veins found in Mexico and Canada. With an unmissable appearance, this is one of the most recognisable crystals on earth.

From physical strength to sexual energy, this stone has applications in almost all areas of our lives, making it an essential part of your collection.

“The enhancement stone”

Orange Calcite’s properties range from healing to protection. Often linked to the physical body, this is a great stone to bring comfort to those who are recovering from an injury or otherwise need strength.

With its gentle glow and emphasis on the physical, this is a great stone for fortifying your space. Whether you’re looking to repair or strengthen, this is the stone for you. 

When to use Orange Calcite

The emphasis on the physical body and sexual energies makes this a great stone to be carried by women hoping to get pregnant. This stone aids in aligning the universe’s energy in your space, creating the right environment for physical creation. Among its many healing properties and spiritual benefits, this stone has been known to increase fertility.

If you’re using this stone for sexual purposes, it is best meditated around the groin area. This allows the right energies to flow within your body, encouraging you to become more comfortable with yourself.

Overall, this is a stone that’s focused on the physical aspect of our lives. As one of the few stones with sexual benefits, Orange Calcite is a favourite in many collections, opening your world to new possibilities.

How Hard Is Orange Calcite?

Calcite is a calcium carbonate mineral with a hardness of 3. This makes it one of the softer stones.

Can You Place Orange Calcite In Water?

As it’s a carbonate mineral, Orange Calcite is stable in water and won’t dissolve like some other soft crystals.

With that said, orange calcite softness means it shouldn’t be left underwater for long periods. Over time, water can damage the structure of the calcite, leading to cracks and weakening.

Where Can I buy Orange Calcite In Australia?

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