Lepidolite Crystal Meaning & Properties

Lepidolite is a unique stone with many physical healing properties. Often referred to as the “grandmother stone”, this crystal takes on a protective and calming presence within your practice. The serenity created by this crystal is vital for forming an environment that helps you grow.

This lithium-rich mineral is the ideal addition to your practice. With a pink-purple hue, the aesthetic value of this crystal alone has its own benefits. Found all over the world, the properties of this crystal ring true throughout the earth.

Lower stress, start emotional healing.

The calming presence of this stone ensures that change can be induced gently. For those of us going through a tough time, this becomes the ideal stone for calming anxiety. The first step towards emotional healing is change, and Leopidolite’s unique properties will help you get there. 

What’s the best way to use Lepidolite?

Lepidolite’s calming properties are perfect to carry with you all day. Wearing lepidolite as a piece of jewellery ensures that powerful energy is present at all times, giving you clear space to function properly throughout the day. Keeping the stone near your skin ensures that you will absorb all the loving energy.

Lepidolite is a stone that insists on being used for the most good. By dissipating negativity, you can use this incredible crystal wherever you want positive energy to shine through.

As a stone of change, you could also place this stone in places where growth occurs, such as offices or new homes.

Can Lepidolite Get Wet? 

No, Lepidolite should not be put into water because it is a soft mineral. On the Mohs Hardness scale (a measure of a mineral's relative hardness), it has a value of 2.5 to 4. This is much lower than the threshold value of 5 that is required for a mineral to be safe in the water.

How Hard Is Lepidolite

Lepidolite Ranks 2.5-4 on Mohs Hardness Scale which makes it quite softer than other crystals such as Quartz. 

Where Is Lepidolite Found

Notable occurrences of lepidolite have been found in Brazil, Canada, Japan, Madagascar, Russia, Sweden, United States and Western Australia.