Larvikite Crystal Meaning & Properties

Larvikite is an incredibly potent healing crystal. It has been used for centuries to ground the body and gain protection from potential threats in your life. With its dark grey aesthetic, peppered with silvery-blue shimmering crystals, Larvikite has both visual and spiritual properties that help ground your energies closer to the earth.

Larvikite Spiritual Benefits.

Adapt to the future.

To help understand the meaning and properties of Larvikite, we must understand that the world is constantly changing around us. We know that this change can occasionally become overwhelming, and Larvikite is a crystal that ensures you’re ready to adapt. This precious stone helps us understand and accept the many benefits that come with change.

By helping you access your innermost strength, this crystal ensures that you’re aware of your fortitude in the face of uncertainty. This is one of the many potent properties that has made this crystal so valuable.

These benefits help us become more aware of the opportunities that the future holds, so change becomes less overwhelming. Any negative energy surrounding the change in your life becomes dispelled.

Calm your anxiety.

There’s nothing worse than losing touch with the universe. The anxiety this causes can sometimes feel overwhelming. But with Larvikite, you’ll have a potent healing tool to help combat those intense feelings.

One of the many healing properties of this stone is that it focuses the mind on the present, ensuring that we’re not overcome with worry about the future. With this stone, you’ll be present for any transformations happening in your life, so you’re not left behind by a changing universe.

Overall, this is one of the most useful crystals you can have in your inventory.

By adding this stone to your meditations, you’ll be ensuring that you’re ready for what we all have to face: the future.

How Hard Is Larvikite Crystal?

It ranks 6-6.5 on Mohs Scale of Hardness

Where is Larvikite Found?

Sourced from the quarries of Norway and crafted by nature 300 million years ago, Larvikite is one of the world's most exquisite and unique natural stones.

Can You Place Larvikite Crystal In Water?
Generally for softer crystals under 7 on Mohs Scale of Hardness we recommend avoiding water and only using a damp cloth to clean the stone.
It is important to know that water is not toxic when cleansing larvikite.