Larimar Crystal Meaning & Properties

Created out of volcanic processes, Larimar is a rare crystal that has been popular among gem collectors and spiritual practitioners alike. Exclusively found in the Caribbean Sea of the Dominican Republic, Larimar crystals are loaded with spiritual properties. The serene turquoise hue of Larimar instantly takes your mind to the calm seascape, reminding you of its tropical origin. 

These gorgeous light blue-green crystals are found exclusively in this region, which makes them all the more valuable. Thanks to its visual charm, Larimar is a popular choice for making dainty jewellery and other accessories. If you want to embrace the spiritual powers of Larimar, then wearing jewellery can surely help you achieve the results that you're looking for. 

What Are the Spiritual Benefits of Larimar Crystal? 

  • Healing

The naturally soothing aura of Larimar promotes healing. When you're going through a rough patch and seeking emotional healing, wearing these crystals bring you mental clarity, and heal your inner wounds. The crystals are also instrumental in physical healing.

  • Opening Up Vital Chakras

Larimar crystal stimulates the throat chakra. As a consequence, you feel empowered to be more confident in voicing your opinions. It allows you to communicate your thoughts and feelings articulately, without letting any hesitation come in the way. It also helps in shedding negative feelings, in case you have been holding on to bitter memories or anger that need to be released. Larimar also opens up the heart chakra, making you more receptive to the love and joy that are coming your way. It stimulates the third eye chakra, blessing you with divine wisdom. 

  • Peace 

Larimar brings about mental peace, clarity, and a balanced emotional state. The calm and tranquil energy of these crystals aid in raising your vibrations, and help you transcend the limitations that are holding you back. With the refreshingly gentle charm of these crystals, you will attract more positivity into your life, more opportunities, and more reasons to feel peaceful and content. 

  • Aesthetic Appeal

The beautiful blue hue of Larimar crystal makes it one of a kind. The best way to keep Larimar close to you is by carrying jewellery made of these crystals. From bracelets, necklaces, rings to earrings, there is a great deal of variety available out there. They carry an irresistible aesthetic appeal and also serve your spiritual needs. 

  • Connect With the Greater Powers 

Larimar crystal's elevated aura allows you to connect with the ethereal feminine powers that promote healing, soothe anxieties, and offer respite from stress and tension. As your soul gains access to the divine forces of the universe, you are less likely to feel bothered by worldly worries. 

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