Labradorite Crystal Meaning & Properties

Labradorite is a magical crystal widely popular in the realm of spirituality. It comes with an ethereal charm, offering a plethora of spiritual benefits.

If you're struggling with a major change in life or you're unable to find your purpose, or you feel surrounded by negativity, this healing stone is there for you. It purges your aura and helps you be aligned with the divine.

Carrying along with mystical powers, this powerful stone can be a soothing companion, especially if you're bogged down with stress and anxieties. 

What Are the Benefits of Labradorite Crystal? 

  • Find Your Purpose- For the times when you feel lost and lack direction in life, Labradorite comes to your rescue and guides you towards your purpose. It helps you align with the higher forces of the universe, and find your own path in this chaotic but beautiful journey called life. 

  • Embrace Change- Labradorite is often referred to as the stone of change, or transformation. If you are going through a major shift in your life, be it in any aspect, this crystal helps you cope with the uncertainties that accompany change. It inspires you to embrace the new avenues that have opened up in front of you and help you sail on with ample clarity of mind. 

  • Healing- Labradorite promotes emotional and physical healing, so you will feel happier, more energized, and full of life when you embrace the powers of this crystal. If you're going through turbulent times and seeking stability, this is the stone you're looking for. 

  • No More Negativity- With Labradorite by your side, negative thoughts and energies cannot come near you. This healing crystal not only wards off the evil and the negative forces, but also welcomes a rush of positivity into your life. It protects your energy and your aura and doesn't allow any person or situation to make you feel drained. 

  • Mystical Powers- Labradorite unlocks the potential that is hidden deep within you and connects you to the universe. Known for its magical properties, this crystal allows you to welcome the divine mystical powers to be your guide, and show you the path to peace, happiness, and tranquillity. 

  • Usher in Good Luck- If you're looking for a crystal that brings good luck, Labradorite is always a good choice. It fills your life with positive vibrations and makes way for good fortune to come in. Keep a Labradorite crystal with you, or place it in your room, and watch how it works its charms. 

  • Unleash Your Creativity- Labradorite brings out the creative forces latent within you. It makes you more creative, innovative, and confident and helps you excel in every sphere of life. You will find yourself buzzing with creative energy, and your soul will find satisfaction. 

  • Relief from Stress & Anxiety- In this busy world of mundane work, stress, anxiety, and tension have been stealing your true happiness. When you meditate with Labradorite crystal or keep it near you, it soothes your mind from within, helps you relax, and steers away anxious thoughts. 

How to Use Labradorite? 

You can use Labradorite during meditation. It helps you hone your psychic abilities, and be in touch with your real purpose. You can also choose to carry this stone with you or place it in any part of your home, allowing it to radiate positivity.  

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How Hard is Labradorite?

Labradorite only ranks at 6 – 6.5 on the Mohs scale which is softer than quartz. This means that it can be scratched quite easily. However, labradorite is quite tough and durable, and is not brittle.

Where Is Labradorite Found?

You can find Labradorite deposits in pockets all over the world, but it is particularly prevalent in Nordic countries like Norway and Finland, as well as North American countries like the USA and Canada.

What Is The Best Way To Cleanse Labradorite?

Using salt water is the preferred method to cleanse their Labradorite stones. Salt is used to absorb energy and negativity. If you are near a source of salt water, like the ocean, you can soak your Labradorite stone in a bowl of seawater for up to 48 hours.