Howlite is a relatively new crystal geologically, with its academic discovery taking place in 1868. Known throughout the spiritual world as a meditation aid which is commonly used for its calming effects, white howlite has the ability to bring peace to your spirit while keeping the mind focused and working. While the white of the howlite stone represents peace, the remaining mental focus is signified by the black veins that run through the crystal structure itself.


The white howlite meaning is closely associated with the opening of the mind. The spiritual qualities of white howlite are steeped in both stillness and softness, relating directly to the porousness of the crystal. There are strong qualities of absorption connected directly to howlite, meaning it can help to reduce stress, teach patience, and stem pain and/or rage. Blue howlite offers similar calming effects, but the dyed colour of the stone also makes it an effective tool which is used for open and honest communication.

When to use

Howlite is often used to treat insomnia with its calming effects. Many people use this rare crystal for its absorbing traits to remove negativity, which can positively impact the mind in the areas of mental focus and stimulate the desire for knowledge. Keeping a white howlite crystal tower point in your office can be useful to transmit its calming energy for stress relief and to inspire creativity in the mind. Blue howlite can also be used in everyday life to assist in facilitating the flow of conversation. Both stones work beautifully in jewellery pieces, especially earrings, which keep them close to the mind.


When discovering how to meditate with howlite, it is best to remember that this is a crystal which is closely connected to the crown chakra. The howlite meaning is centered around the settling of a disturbed mind and the removal of negativity to clear the path for other crown-related stones. When dyed, blue howlite also becomes commonly linked with the throat chakra and factors of communication due to its colour.


Howlite is a complex crystal which offers many beneficial properties for mindfulness, inspiration and relief of anxiety. If you have been wondering “can howlite go in water?”, the answer is yes. This is an absorbent stone which can be cleansed of negative energy by running water to restore its calming properties. Howlite is a stone that offers the perfect balance of calming effects with a stimulating mental flow, which helps to open your mind to new ideas by removing any negativity from your thought processes.

Geological description

Howlite is a borate mineral, which is usually found in irregular nodules that can be cut and polished into geodes. Due to the porous nature of this gemstone, those who discovered how to dye howlite stone were the ones who first created blue howlite which can sometimes be mistaken for turquoise. Howlite is a rare stone which can be found in small pockets in the US and in Nova Scotia, Canada, where it was first discovered.