Honey Calcite

  • Honey Calcite Crystal Meaning and Properties
  • Honey Calcite is a potent crystal, found throughout the world and prized for its spiritual benefits. With a distinctive translucent orange glow and incredible cleansing properties, this stone is instantly recognisable. It’s a great addition to any meditation practice. 

    What is Honey Calcite?

    Honey Calcite, also known as Golden or Amber Calcite, is commonly found in the Americas, with a large deposit in Mexico. It is prized worldwide for both its spiritual properties and its aesthetic value. With a warm color and stunning glow, this crystal is unmissable.

    Honey Calcite Meaning

    There are many Honey Calcite properties, but most people know this crystal as an amplifier. This crystal has a unique ability to create an environment in which other stones thrive. This allows your space to take on even more meaningful energy for your meditation.

    The atmosphere this creates can be perfect for absorbing lethargy and tiredness. You’ll create a more inviting mental space that lets you go out and attack the day.

    On top of this, the stone absorbs negative energy, taking it from your body and space - to be filled with more positive vibrations. This can heighten your physical sensations and even help with pains and diseases. 

    How should I use Honey Calcite?

    To enjoy Honey Calcite’s healing benefits and spiritual properties, many people recommend placing it in a stone circle or on an altar. To fulfil its role as an amplifier, this crystal should be placed next to others in order to cleanse all energies in the space. This stone works both individually and as part of a team.

    All in all, this crystal emphasizes the importance of being in the right space. By working with other crystals, we can begin to see the importance of combining the right energies to tailor your meditation experience.