Green Aventurine Crystal Meaning & Properties

Green Aventurine is a distinctive stone, characterised by a sea-green hue and white inclusions. Its stunning aesthetics and unique spiritual meaning are both powerful and meaningful. You can take full advantage of this stone to improve your headspace and physical well-being.

What is Green Aventurine?

Discovered in the 18th century, this stone has been prized for its ornamental quality for hundreds of years. Aventurine is a variety of Quartz and appears in many colours such as brown, red and blue - though green is the most abundant.

Spiritually, Green Aventurine has healing properties and promotes heart health and physical wellbeing throughout the entire body.

What is the meaning of Green Aventurine?

Green Aventurine benefits the heart, promoting calmness and comfort, radiating from your centre. To do this, Green Aventurine provides a shield to your heart chakra, ensuring that only positive vibrations pass into your life.

As a heart healer, this stone has a strong connection with physical and emotional wellness. For centuries, humans have identified the heart as the emotional centre of the body - so this stone has an extra special connection.

How to use Green Aventurine?

There are many ways to use Green Aventurine for all its spiritual benefits. From luck and abundance to physician and mental healing, this is a great stone to have on you at all times.

That’s why it’s a wonderful crystal for jewellery - one of the most accessible ways to keep your favourite crystals on you throughout the day. 

Others recommend sleeping with your stones for nighttime wellness. On top of this, Green Aventurine’s connection with the Chakras makes this an incredible crystal for chakra meditation.

Whether you’re looking for a bodily connection or some emotional protection, Green Aventurine is the crystal for your meditation practice.

What is the hardness of Green Aventurine?

Although not quite as easy to work with, it's hard yet brittle which makes it relatively easy to shape. Aventurine grades 6.5 to 7 on Mohs scale of hardness.

Is green aventurine rare?

Aventurine is an eye-catching crystal that is adored by many for its magnificent shimmery appearance. The presence of the mineral Fuchsite lends Aventurine its unique green tone that is highly rare amongst quartz varieties.

Where is Green Aventurine found?

Green aventurine, coloured by a chrome mica, has been found in India, China and in USA. Aventurine quartz is used for jewelry, for vases and bowls (sometimes very large), and for other ornamental objects.

Can you place Green Aventurine in water?

The hardness of the Golden Healer makes it ok to go in water. Cleanse your crystal by gently cleaning the stone with a damp rag with soapy water.

Where can I buy Green Aventurine crystal in Australia?

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