Golden Healer Crystal Meanings & Properties

Golden Healer Crystal is a striking stone, featuring a bright yellow golden surface, making this an ideal focus of your meditation. The Golden Healer crystal has a wide array of spiritual and healing properties - it’s the perfect all-around crystal with incredible versatility.

Free your energy

Golden Healer is a crystal known to open up energy fields. This allows a freer dynamic to come into your body and surroundings, opening you up to even more possibilities. Many people meditate to let their consciousness reach up and into something higher - Golden Healer’s benefits do just that.

But when should we be using Golden Healer? 

This is the perfect healing crystal for connecting with your higher consciousness. If you want to be taken away from material worries and the energy they bring - you should be trying Golden Healer.

If you want to transform your living space, you can place this stone underneath a healing table to benefit from its incredible properties.

Reflected by colour.

The striking colour of this incredible crystal is no coincidence. The golden hue reflects the quality of the energy that will fill your surroundings. Lighting up your space with stunning golden energy will help you radiate the positivity that you need.

Bringing together all your chakras, this is a crystal that’s centered around the connection. By bringing together the centres of energy in your body, you’ll uncover new insights about yourself and the world around you.

Golden Healer’s properties bring together the energies of the earth, sun, moon and stars to give a unique combination of vibrations with a divine quality.

Overall, this crystal is an incredible source of energy to connect with something greater. If you’re looking for a multi-purpose stone to make your space shine, this is the one.

What is the hardness of Golden Healer?

Somewhat hard with a hardness of 7 on Mohs scale of hardness , Golden Healer crystals are  easy stones to wear, carry, or use on a daily basis. 

Where is the Golden Healer found?

Golden Healer was first excavated in the 1980s by miners in Arkansas, though the highest ratio of this crystal has been mined from a location in Wales in the Celtic Quartz mine.

Can you place a Golden Healer in water?

The hardness of the Golden Healer makes it ok to go in water. Cleanse your crystal by gently cleaning the stone with a damp rag with soapy water.

Where can I buy Golden Healer crystal in Australia?

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