Fuchsite Crystal Meanings & Properties

Fuchsite, also known as chrome mica, helps to overcome codependency and aids in a speedy recovery from trauma, both emotionally and physically.

What’s the best way to use Fuchsite?

Fuchsite can be used in the garden because it's closely associated to the spirits of nature. It can work as a kind of elixir to help in the growth of plants. If you use Fuchsite in healing yourself, you can combine it with other stones and crystals to amplify its healing energies and hasten the healing process.

What is the hardness of Fuchsite?

Somewhat soft with a hardness of 2-3 on Mohs scale of hardness , fuchsite crystals are pleochroic and exhibit perfect cleavage. Fuchsite is not commonly utilized for commercial applications, but due to its beautiful coloring and glassy luster, the mineral is a component in several rocks that are polished and sold as gemstones.

Where is Fuchsite found?

Fuchsite was discovered by German chemist and mineralogist, Johann Nepomuk Von Fuchs, who was studying in Berlin and Paris. This mineral is mainly found in Brazil, Russia, Zimbabwe, and India.

Can you place Fuchsite in water?

The hardness of the Fuchsite is quite low, so it cannot be placed in water for long periods.

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