Fire Agate Crystal Meaning & Properties

What is fire agate good for?

Fire agate is said to be able to shield the wearer from harm and ill wishes and helps you to deflect negativity. It is said to stimulate energy and life force and makes you feel more vital and energised.

Where can fire agates be found?

The desert regions of Arizona, southern California, and central Mexico are the only areas of the world where fire agate is known to occur. Although its origin is unknown, it is always associated with volcanic deposits.

Best way to cleanse Fire Agate

The easiest way to cleanse a fire agate is to wash it under lukewarm water for 3 to 5 minutes. You can also place it in water for some time

How hard is Fire Agate Crystals?

Fire agates have beautiful iridescent rainbow colors, similar to opal, with a measurement of hardness on the Mohs scale of between 5 and 7 which reduces the occurrence of scratching when polished gemstones are set in jewelry.

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