Caribbean Calcite

What Are the Spiritual Benefits of Caribbean Calcite? 

Caribbean Calcite combines in itself the subtle brown and white hues of Aragonite and the serene ocean blue of natural Calcite. This mineral looks ethereal, reminding you of the beautiful, dreamy seascapes. 

This newly discovered beauty is believed to carry a number of spiritual benefits, besides an enchanting aesthetic appeal. The rare stone is high in demand in the jewelry-making industry, as it adds a tropical charm to any piece of accessory. 

Spiritual Benefits of Caribbean Calcite 

In the mystical world of crystal healing, Caribbean Calcite embodies an array of benefits that can bring about a positive change in all aspects of life: mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical. 

Third eye chakra 

The chakras are used on this earth plane for many things like energy transfer between people or places and balance purposes. One of the most common uses of Caribbean Calcite is for your third-eye chakra. The third eye chakra is connected to your intuition and psychic abilities. 

As it grows stronger, you start to have a clearer sense of yourself and when you are out of balance it can cause health problems like headaches, stomach problems, insomnia, or fatigue. The Caribbean Calcite stone helps to unblock your third-eye chakra so that you can connect to your higher self and start using your psychic senses for good.

Caribbean Calcite for meditation

Calcite has been used for years for meditation. Caribbean Calcite minimizes the intensity of intruding thoughts and blesses you with a calm and focused mind. It can be used for clearing the energy field before meditation along with cleansing the aura and chakras. Regular use of this stone is believed to provide a calming effect and improve your intuitive powers. 

Caribbean Calcite can also be used for rubbing on the body during meditation. It ensures deep relaxation and also promotes undisturbed sleep. 

For physical & spiritual healing 

It is thought to be beneficial for healing open wounds, sprains, bruises, arthritis, insomnia, stomach issues, anxiety, and depression. The stones create a calm and soulful aura, put your mind and body at ease, and promote the relaxation of muscles.

Emotional balance 

This stone ushers harmony, peace, and tranquility into your life. Emotional balance is the key to peace. When you are on your journey to embracing spirituality, it's important to have the right mental equilibrium. Caribbean Calcite is a stone that balances the emotions of an individual. It is believed to enhance positive emotions such as love and happiness while clearing negative ones like fear, stress, and anger. 

Protection against psychic attacks 

Caribbean Calcite is also used for keeping away the negative influences of black magic, psychic attacks, and spirits. The stone is said to release negative energy, replacing them with positive energy.

Aesthetic charm 

Caribbean Calcite is used for adding color and texture to various crystal jewelry items. It can be used in the making of necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings.

Final Thoughts 

As you can understand by now, Caribbean Calcite stones are said to carry a number of spiritual properties such as healing, calming the mind, providing a sense of peace and balance, revived energy, and better health. The crystals are believed to attract positivity into your life. 

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