Blue Quartz

  • Blue Quartz - The Ultimate Calming Stone
  • Blue Quartz is one of the most well-known stones around, and for good reason. Not only is this an incredible looking crystal, but it comes with some astonishing spiritual benefits that we love. As a calming stone that protects from negativity, this is ideal for transforming your mental and physical space.

    Not only does this stone have Quartz benefits, but the blue color gives it unique properties for healing and spiritual wellness. From expression and creativity to getting rid of fear this stone is incredibly powerful.

    Spiritual Meaning of Blue Quartz

    It happens to all of us, we’re stuck in a rut and need something to uplift us. Blue Quartz brings our emotions and mood up, allowing us to see the brighter side of life and live to our fullest. By restoring hope, this Blue Quartz reminds us of all the good in the world and how to attain it.

    On a deeper level, this stone can help us communicate with the universe - receiving its messages and becoming more tuned to the energy around us. Physically, mentally and spiritually, this stone is one of the most stimulating and captivating crystals available.

    How should I use Blue Quartz?

    As a calming and healing stone, many like to place it next to their beds in order to reap its benefits at night. What’s more, we can always rely on this stone to calm our anxiety, getting rid of negativity. This makes for a great travel stone, staying with us as we experience new places.

    All in all, Blue Quartz is one of the most popular stones because it helps with something we all experience - worry and negative emotion. By uplifting our spirits and creating a more welcoming atmosphere for the mind, Blue Quartz has cemented itself as an essential stone to have at your disposal.