Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian is a stunning glass-like stone, formed by volcanic lava. Its deep connection with the centre of the earth is potent in its spiritual properties, as it creates a shield, just as mother earth protects us. On top of its incredible benefits, this deep-black rock is unique in its dark color, which makes it prized for its visual quality. 

What is Black Obsidian’s Spiritual Meaning?

With a commanding visual presence, this stone acts as a spiritual brick wall, fending off attacks and negativity. It can absorb negative energy, allowing other stones to fill your space with the positive vibrations you need. As a truth-enhancing stone, it discourages lies and allows you to look at the universe in a truthful way, giving you a more accurate picture of your life. There’s nothing more valuable than the truth, and sometimes our emotions distort our perceptions - with obsidian, you’ll be seeing things clearer, which can aid decision making.

On top of this, Black Obsidian benefits your mental clarity. By clearing confusion, you’ll find yourself thinking more clearly and having deeper introspection. This allows us to understand ourselves better and orient ourselves well in the world.

How to use Black Obsidian

One of the most effective ways to use this stone is to combine it with other crystals. The clarifying properties of obsidian will let other stones shine through stronger - boosting psychic protection.

On top of this, the shield that Obsidian forms will protect your other stones, keeping their energies as pure as possible. This ensures you can benefit from your whole collection, without interference.

Overall, Obsidian is a famous stone for a reason. Its incredible protective quality, as well as stunning visuals, give it unique properties that we can all appreciate. What’s more, as it combines so well with other stones, it’s perfect for a diverse collection!