Everything You Need to Know About Apophyllite Crystal 

Discovered by Rene Just Hauy in the nineteenth century, this gorgeous crystal has become an integral part of spiritual practices all over the world. The most popular one is the white Apophyllite, but it's also available in green or brown. Born out of volcanic activities, this crystal is immensely powerful. It promotes healing, growth, knowledge, awareness, and propels the user to seek their true purpose in life. 

The translucent appearance of the crystal makes it look incredibly attractive and renders a divine charm to it. It seems as if a celestial glow is emitting out of the crystal, one that fills up your life with an eternal sense of tranquility and joy. 

What is the meaning of the name Apophyllite? 

Apophyllite is not tolerant to high heat. When exposed to excessive heat, the crystal tends to break apart, much like old and withered leaves. This is where the crystal derives its name from– in Greek, apo means off, and phyllon means leaf. 

What Are the Spiritual Benefits of Apophyllite Crystal? 

This beautiful stone not only looks charming, but it's also an essential part of your spiritual journey. Crystals are known for their magical healing powers, and Apophyllite is no exception. Here are some of the spiritual benefits of this natural crystal. 


The soothing neutral tone of Apophyllite looks as pure as daylight as if it's a physical embodiment of light. It symbolizes purity, authenticity, and innocence, and its high vibrational frequency keeps you surrounded with nothing but positive energies. 


In crucial moments of life, when you're going through a big transition, this is the crystal that comes to your rescue. Whether you're changing careers, buying a new house, or embarking on a new chapter in your life, Apophyllite helps you clear your thoughts, and see things as they are. It helps you think rationally and channels you to the right path. When you're overwhelmed with responsibilities, and your mind feels cluttered with fears and apprehensions, this crystal allows you to sail through. 

Higher Consciousness 

There is a higher consciousness above us that guides the entire universe. When you have Apophyllite by your side, your mind becomes calm and filled with gratitude, and your soul becomes one with that supreme power. It is a magnetic force that regulates everything that goes around us, and when you deeply connect with that power, you become wiser and gain insight into the truths of life. 


Apophyllite is known for its soothing effect. It promotes mental, physical, and emotional healing, so your heart feels at ease. For those healing from ailments, mental trauma, heartbreak, or any painful situation in life, meditating with Apophyllite can be a great way to nurse your wounds from within. It calms your mind and pushes you to come out of the dark space that you have been in. 

Stress & Anxiety 

In the modern world, one of the biggest threats to the well-being of humanity is stress and anxiety. If you're feeling low, and emotions like stress, tension, and anxiety have taken over your mind, Apophyllite can help you stay calm. It creates a serene and soothing sensation that pushes away negative feelings and emotions and helps you look at the brighter side of things. 

Connect to Spiritual Guides 

The spiritual power of Apophyllite helps you seek guidance from the higher beings– the spiritual guides. As this crystal opens up your heart and soul and binds you with the mystical forces of the universe, you feel protected and guided every step of the way. 


This crystal enhances your psychic abilities and the power of intuition. As it deeply connects your soul to the higher powers, you gain clairvoyance, and you can see the ray of hope through the dark fog of confusion. You develop a greater understanding of yourself and your surroundings, which increases your self-awareness.

Keep Negativity Away 

When you find yourself struggling with negative emotions, and they seem to drag you down, Apophyllite can help you get back on track. It not only keeps negative thoughts and energies away but also rewires your brain to align with positive vibrations. 

How to use Apophyllite Crystal? 

Ever since its discovery, this ethereal crystal has been popular among spiritual practitioners. When used during meditation, Apophyllite opens up the crown chakra and the third eye chakra. 

With this crystal, you will not only gain more knowledge about yourself, but you will also gain an inexplicable sense of clarity that will help you find direction in life. It allows your inner soul to connect with the greater forces, and also opens up the heart chakra, making you more receptive to love, peace, joy, and happiness scattered all around you. 

You can also place the crystal in your room, and feel its healing aura spreading all over your space.

How to Cleanse Apophyllite? 

There are multiple ways of cleansing the crystal, and you can choose a method that you feel is right for you. You can keep it amid a floral bed to get rid of the negative energies that it has absorbed or smudge it. Occasionally allow the crystal to sit under the moonlight (during a full moon) so that it regains its spiritual properties and becomes recharged.  

The idea here is to form a bond with the crystal, and take actions based on your intuition. Crystals carry unique powers, and once you truly connect with them, you will understand what methods should be applied to cleanse or purify them. 

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