Afghanistan Jade - Crystal Meaning & Properties

The Spiritual Healing Properties of Afghanistan Jade

Afghanistan Jade, also known as bowenite, is a form of serpentine. It has incredible healing properties that harness energy to produce a shield of protective energy around your body.

Afghanistan Jade in ancient times

With similar properties to Chinese Jade, it’s no wonder that Afghanistan Jade was embraced for its healing properties by ancient healers. Serpentine means ‘stone snake’ and healers believed that medicine derived from snakes was magical. They used Afghanistan Jade crystals to act as an antidote when people were afflicted with snake bites. 

Afghanistan Jade in modern crystal healing

Nowadays, in crystal therapy, Afghanistan Jade is considered to be a healing gem that can effectively calm your nervous system. It is said to help your body fight against infections and to aid treatments against hypoglycaemia and diabetes. It can help your body with the absorption of nutrients, such as calcium and magnesium, and help to reduce your levels of cholesterol.

In crystal healing, Afghanistan Jade works well to address symptoms linked to your head and scalp as well as skin conditions. It also balances your hormones and is believed to enhance your fertility.

Spiritual protection given by Afghanistan Jade

As well as protecting your body from harm, Afghanistan Jade works to protect your mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Preventing negative energies from affecting you, it disrupts the symptoms usually associated with depression and helps you face your fears. The uplifting energy released from this stone fills you with confidence and helps to focus your mind.

Afghanistan Jade is also linked to dreams and your psychic abilities. When dreaming, the energies allow you to release stifled emotions. Your psychic growth is enhanced and, in turn, your ancestral bond is reinforced. Where you may have dwelled on the past, the protective shield provided by this crystal boosts your ability to accept previous events and move forward with an understanding of how they have impacted you.

With the increased clarity in your mind that allows you to focus on what’s important and the disappearance of negative thoughts, you’ll find that other aspects of your life improve. Your enhanced foresight can lead you to make better decisions at work, helping you to reach your goals. Your success will inspire you to stretch your ambitions and set bigger challenges to fulfil.

Afghanistan Jade is also a symbol of love and ensures you are surrounded by happiness. It works to remove any barriers around your heart and let the love flow in. Your love relationship will be strengthened and any temptations banished. The stone works to balance your relationship and protects your loved one as well as you.

Using Afghanistan Jade

There are various ways you can use Afghanistan Jade to take advantage of its healing benefits. When placed around your home, it increases the energy in those areas, enhancing your levels of activity and responsibility while calming your temperament. It can even help your lazy pets to become more active! 

When worn as a piece of jewellery, the crystal acts as an amulet that protects you against negative forces and surrounds you with positive energy. Keep your Afghanistan Jade close to your body when meditating to enhance your experience. Should you move home, you’ll find that Afghanistan Jade is a must for leaving any negative energies in your previous home and taking only positive ones with you to your new home. 

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