How to identify if your crystals are real or fake?

How to know if your crystals are real? 

If you consider crystals as an integral part of your spiritual journey, it's important for you to know if your crystals are real or fake. This article will help you decode some tell-tale signs and figure out if the crystal is real or fake, and what are the parameters for determining its authenticity. 

Is experience enough to identify real and artificial crystals? 

Experience definitely plays a great role in identifying real crystals. If you have been working with the gemstones and crystal industry, or you have read and researched a great deal about them, it's much easier to spot a fake crystal. However, the market these days is fraught with crystal duplicates that can fool even the most experienced eyes. To make sure that you purchase nothing but the real crystals that aid in your spiritual growth, these are a few tips you may follow. 

Do not always trust your eyes

If you think that you can tell the difference between a real crystal and a fake one by just looking at it, think again. There are many ways in which these knock-offs are made to look just like the real thing, so you need to be extra careful. 



Not all fake crystals will be obvious to the naked eye*

The feel of the crystal 

The most important thing to pay attention to is the way the stone feels. When purchasing a stone, many people will just look at it without examining it properly. However, you should also feel it—you can tell a lot about a crystal from how it feels. Feel free to hold one in your hand and squeeze it gently. If the crystal has points or edges on them, use caution when doing so as they may cut you. Most crystals do feel cold. 

The colour 

Crystals are beautiful to look at because of their gorgeous hues. However, if the crystal is way too vibrant and sparkling with too much splash of colors, it could be fake. Real crystals have a subtle and charming tone that doesn't appear to be blinding. However, some crystals may be aura treated which looks absolutely divine. Aura treated crystals are not fake, they are beautiful natural crystals colour enhanced by science. 

Real crystals are never identical 

If you see a crystal that looks just like every other stone in your pile, it's time to give it a thought. These stones are, most likely, not real ones. Authentic crystals are never identical, as they are created out of natural processes. So if a shop is trying to sell you a bunch of stones that are picture-perfect and absolutely similar in terms of colour, weight, cut and shape, it could be a man-made one. 

Gems stones

Air Bubbles

If the stone has air bubbles inside it, then it could be a man made crystal. It's only a piece of marble that has been artificially made to look like an expensive stone! However, crystals like Enhydros have water bubbles inside and that is completely natural and expensive to buy. 

Research about crystals

Crystals carry healing properties, so it's important that you're choosing the right ones and authentic ones. Start by learning the properties of crystals so that you're better able to discern if you're purchasing real or fake. 

Real stones are not only beautiful, but they have many different purposes and properties. While experience with handling crystals does help in identifying fake ones, it's not the only parameter. With the right amount of research and attention to detail, you would be able to differentiate between a fake crystal and a real one, even without a lot of experience. 

Your guide to a happy, fulfilled, and positive life

Crystals have been used for their spiritual properties since time immemorial. Ever since the days of the ancient civilizations, humans have been enamored by the beauty of natural stones, and how they help in staying aligned with your spiritual journey. 

From healing a broken heart, attracting love, soothing anxiety and tension, welcoming abundance, to reinvigorating creative energy– crystals can help you with a plethora of issues you're facing. They help you stay in tune with Mother Nature and clear away all the roadblocks that are hindering your growth. And that's why it's crucial to ensure that the crystals you're buying for your home are 100% real. 

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