Daily Affirmation and Change

What is a habit?

A behavioural pattern that can be formed through frequent repetition is called a habit. Furthermore, we can use habit formation to enhance our performance for the repetitive behavioural pattern.

Importance of Habit

Habits influence your life far more than you may realise. Habits are extremely powerful. In fact, our brains cling to them above all else, including common sense.

More than 40% of the actions you take each day are habitual rather than deliberate.

Habits are not the only thing that matter. They become increasingly powerful over time and more automatic. So make certain you have the correct ones!

Habits are so strong because they create neurological cravings: a particular behaviour is rewarded by the release of "pleasure" chemicals in the brain.

What are Daily Rituals?

Daily rituals are meaningful practices that are driven from within. A daily ritual can provide both energy and enjoyment while also providing efficiency and structure. A ritual is a method of doing something with a sense of purpose and a positive side effect in addition to the simple completion of the task.

Importance of Daily Rituals

Rituals also make us feel less anxious.

Ritualistic practices can assist in bringing predictability to an uncertain future. According to scientists, they serve as "ritual buffers against uncertainty and anxiety" by convincing our brains of consistency and predictability.

Importance of positivity and affirmation in your life

Affirmations are specific statements that assist you in overcoming negative thoughts. To make positive changes in your life, they encourage you to visualise and believe a statement. Affirmations are phrases you say to yourself in order to change your subconscious thoughts. They gradually replace any negative beliefs or opinions with positive ones. This instils self-assurance, optimism, and ambition.

Why Surround yourself with daily affirmations?

According to research on affirmations, they can be a good way to maintain self-esteem in the face of a threat (Critcher, Dunning, & Armor, 2010). For example, when our bosses, romantic partners, friends, or even strangers say something critical or negative to us, we may use affirmations to soothe our emotions and make us feel better about ourselves.

We also know from neuroplasticity research that we can change our brains to think in new ways even as adults (Demarin & Morovic, 2014). When we combine this research, we have reason to believe that shifting our thoughts and training our brains to think in new ways is beneficial to our health and well-being.

Understanding Change is not easy

Change is difficult. We hear it frequently say it frequently, and eventually believe it. Nonetheless, change is something we want and strive for. Whether it is giving up a bad habit, learning a new skill, or making a major life change, we have all felt the desire to make a change in our lives.

While change necessitates effort, resilience, planning, and support, some approaches make it more difficult.

  1. Changing too many things at once
  2. One change involves other changes
  3. The status quo is comfortable
  4. Unclear about the benefits of change

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What is Self-empowerment?

Making a conscious decision to take control of your destiny is what self-empowerment entails. It entails making positive decisions, taking action to advance, and having faith in your ability to make and carry out decisions. People who are self-empowered understand their own strengths and weaknesses and are motivated to learn and achieve.

Tips to Achieve Self-Empowerment:

  • Develop a Positive Attitude
  • Set Reasonable Goals
  • Surround Yourself with Positive People
  • Practice Self-Care
  • Use Positive Self-Talk
  • Be Assertive

The Value Of Finding Your Voice and Being Authentic

Representing your true self does not happen overnight. It requires introspection and soul-searching.

Being authentic comes naturally to some people. It has a lot to do with knowing who you are and who you are at ease. Deeper investigation and questioning will be required for almost everyone else. You must prepare ahead of time to gain confidence in order to have a strong voice. The journey should be about personal and spiritual development.

Take some time to consider your goals and aspirations. Do you have a connection with yourself? Now is the time to figure out why you're not hearing your own voice. Be gentle with yourself. Tell the truth. Rethink what matters to you and what you stand for. Evolving is a part of being a dynamic person. In this year of constant change, you can allow yourself to change and grow into a stronger person.