Crystal Shapes And What They Mean

There’s a lot of meaning built into the shape of a crystal, so it’s important to become informed on what each form means. From tumbles to spheres and points - here’s all you need to know.

Tumble Meanings

Many people start out with tumbles, and while some see them as beginner stones, we see them as a wonderful introduction. They’re great for travelling, as you can slip them in your pocket with ease.

Given their portability, you can connect to crystal energy all day long. Tumble stones are great for crystals that provide strength throughout the day. If you’re going into an unfamiliar situation, like a job interview, tumbled stones can be a perfect choice.

Pyramid Crystals

This shape is perfect for intentions and desires. With a strong base, they provide the foundations for what you want to achieve in life - giving you a focus to manifest your future.

What’s more, with a strong point at the top, this shape sends your message out into the universe.


The sphere is a greatly symbolic shape. As there is no beginning or end, it shows us that we are part of something infinite. This symbol has been used worldwide, but it’s even more important with the universal nature of crystals.

On top of this, they can massage your hands to relieve stress - so practical!

Heart-Shaped Meaning

Having been carved by humans into this shape, these crystals radiate the meaning that was put into them. As the classic symbol of love, these stones can be potent reminders and tools to aid our relationships.

Their intentional shape makes them great to hold as you meditate to keep focussed.


As the name suggests, points keep you sharp and focused. For those days when you’re particularly anxious and your mind is wandering, points give you that extra concentration boost.

Like pyramids, their vertical points can send messages up to the universe, making them great for manifestations.

Cube Crystals

Like their sturdy structure, cubes are for grounding - they don’t get carried away. If you find yourself living in your own head and want to connect to nature, using cubes can be of great help.

What’s more, their angular shape allows them to fit into corners of rooms, protecting and nourishing your space.


Clusters are the most natural form of a crystal. For this reason, they have a deeper connection to the earth and the universe - as they have remained unchanged. Like the natural world, where many things are interconnected, these are great to place in spaces where people come together - from all walks of life.

Worry Stones

The clue is in the name - worry stones are all about anxiety. For those times when it feels like life isn’t moulding to you, these stones will. Their oval shape is both inviting and comforting, giving you the space you need to relax.