Chakra Healing with Crystals

When researching crystals, you’re bound to come across the Chakras, as they’re an integral part of spiritual wellness. As healing crystals become more and more popular, it’s important that we become educated on the different Chakras and what they mean. Here’s a quick guide:

The Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra is located at the top of your head, as the name implies. As the highest Chakra, it represents your connection to the universe and higher powers.

Using crystals with the Crown Chakra is essential. We can use many crystals, including Clear Quartz, which magnifies our ability to achieve enlightenment - something closely connected with the crown.

Amethyst is another great crystal for the Crown Chakra as it represents spirituality and creativity, which all come from the same location as the crown.

Third Eye Chakra

Located between your two physical eyes, the Third Eye Chakra is in charge of focus and seeing the bigger picture. 

When we feel overwhelmed by the present moment, forgetting that it too shall pass, the Third Eye Chakra is likely responsible.

Crystals such as sodalite can enhance your focus and give your thoughts some much-needed context. It’s an essential stone for restoring balance to the third eye. Sapphire is another great stone for restoring happiness and replenishing your goals, keeping you ambitious beyond the present.

Throat Chakra

The throat chakra can include the throat, jaw and thyroids, stretching up into the mouth and tongue. Given its location, it’s focused on expression and articulation, bringing your ideas out into the world. It can also act as a filter between the outside world and your emotions.

If you’re feeling insecure or stifled in how you can express yourself, this is a potent sign that the throat chakra is imbalanced. Once you start telling lies or being secretive, it may be time to work on the throat chakra.

Crystals such as Turquoise, which promotes mental flexibility and communication, or Celestite, which brings inner peace and clarity, can be incredibly helpful for rebalancing this Chakra.

Heart Chakra

For centuries people have considered the heart as the home of the emotions. This Chakra covers most of the chest area and is the centre of your physical body. If you’re feeling unusually strong emotions, such as loneliness or jealousy, this could be a sign that your heart chakra is blocked.

There are many ways to bring rebalancing to the heart, and many crystals that can work wonders. Stones that open the heart, such as Rose Quartz, can allow positive energy to flow into the heart and radiate throughout your body - regulating your emotions.

The Solar Plexus

The Solar Plexus Chakra is located in the stomach area, sitting just above the navel. Its central location allows its energy to radiate through your body and regulate many aspects of your life. 

From willpower and strength to ego and self-esteem, many things are ruled by the Solar Plexus. Given its pervasiveness, this Chakra must remain balanced.

As always, crystals are here to help. Stones such as Golden Topaz help with willpower and self-confidence, which are at the heart of this Chakra. Amber is another stone that can aid decision-making and patience, which in turn regulate our egos - meditating with these crystals is great for the solar plexus.

Sacral Root

Finally, the Sacral Root is the lowest Chakra. It is responsible for feeling grounded and your sense of safety. If you feel unguarded or anxious, this could be the reason: your root chakra is unbalanced.

Grounding crystals such as Agate and Tourmaline can help return you to the world around you, rebalancing your grounding Chakra. Simply meditate with these and feel your Root becoming better aligned.

Overall, the Chakras are an integral part of your spiritual life. You must use the right tools to take care of them - and we hope this guide has given you a better idea of what to use.